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Questions and Answers will be posted here within two business days of receipt and will be listed by RFPA type in the order they were received. Similar questions will only be answered once, so please review previously asked questions.

Updated 1/19/18 at 12:23 pm

Q : What is the deadline for submitting questions about the bid? Do we need to rsvp for the bidders conference?

A:  Questions can be submitted until 48 hours before the final deadline.  The bidders conference will not require an RSVP.  Simply call in at the scheduled time.


1.Q:  Good morning, XXX have been doing this RFPsince 2006 and has only seen 2 referral for all the work we have put into this.My CFO is saying to me she see no need to reply to this RFP is we are not going to receive any referral more than this. Can you please reach out to me and tell me and my company what kind of waiting list you have because we just don't want to do this any more if no real referral are coming out of this program. Pleaselet me hear from someone ASAP. Thanks XXX my cell number is XXX!
1.A:  Approved SETAAADclients are given a choice on what services they wish receive in their care plan as well as the provider they wish to use to perform services.   All SETAAAD contractors are given equal exposure to each client as their care plan is developed. Limited funding of theOAA Title III and State OPTIONS programs is also a factor in the amount of overall clients the SETAAAD can approve for services.

2.Q: Can I get the physical address for delivery of the RFPA other than a PO Box as we will be sending FEDEX? 
2.A:  Our physical address is 1000 Riverfront Parkway, Chattanooga, TN 37402.   We can accept UPS and FEDEX packages at this address.   We cannot receive USPS at this address.   Any USPS correspondence must besent to PO Box 4757, Chattanooga, TN 37405.

3.Q: Is a "PSSA License" required for Personal Emergency Response providers
3.A:  A PSSA License isnot required for PERS providers, however, proper licensure through the FCC and UL licensed equipment will need to be maintained. Proof of these items is requested through our standard contractor monitoring.


1.Q: With respect to congregate meal service please address the following: a. Nutrition sites i. Days of operation of each site ii.Serving days/year iii. Average daily meal count at each site iv. Number ofshelf stable meals provided to clients annually v. Equipment available at each site (e.g. steam tables, refrigerators, etc.) vi. Equipment requested at eachsite vii. Supplies requested at each site.
1.A: See download.

2.Q: With respect to home delivered clients please address the following: a. What types of meals are currently delivered (i.e. hot, frozen, shelf stable)? i.Annual number of each type b. Serving days/year c. How are meals delivered to home delivered clients (by vendor, by AAA, nutrition staff or by volunteer) d.If vendor is to provide home delivery, please provide a listing of home delivered clients (without names) and their corresponding zip code. 3. What therapeutic, if any, meals are needed? a. If so, please specify estimated annual numbers.
2.A: See download.


1.Q:  The application that was sent out is that forthe senior center to fill out to keep services or request grant money?
A:  Every four years all SETAAAD contractors including Senior Centers must reapply to be considered as a recipient of Older American Act and/or State Senior Center funds.   This process allows all centers in the region to present their ideas and proposals for serving the 60+ population in their area.



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